Scamper : Learn by Play

Posters designed for project launch during Queensland University of Technology Faculty of IT Graduate Show 2009. QR Codes when scanned will lead pedestrians directly to start playing scavenger hunts on Scamper.

Information brochure designed for project launch. It was sent to Education Queensland, Queensland State Government and distributed to attendees of the QUT Faculty of Information Technology Graduate Show 2009.

Logo and promotional pamphlet produced for project launch

Education Queensland, Australia

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS
Client: Final year student project

Interface designer for the beta release and launch promotions.

“Scamper” is a mobile scavenger hunt authoring tool for primary and secondary school students. The proof of concept project encourages students to learn through play beyond the confines of thier classroom using iphones, GoogleMaps and QR Codes.

Team includes Suzanne Conkas, Ryan Pascoe, Rijia Liu, Matthew Hamerton. We are very fortunate and especially indebted to the generous support from Mr Andrew Marrington of Queensland University of Technology and Ms Stieler of Education Queensland Department.

mobile, promotion, print, brochure