'‘After the Dark’' Interactive Virtual Environment

Opening story sequence for virtual environment

Screenshots of the environment during play. HUD on the lower right corner.

Designs for non-playable characters within the interactive story-line.

'‘Play On 08’' QUT Animation & Communication Design Graduate Showcase

Tools: Quest 3D, Maya, Pencil sketching
Client: Student Project

Awarded e2e Outstanding Virtual Environments Award 2008

Designed environment, concept art for an immersive 3D environment entitled “After the Dark”. The project uses a post-apocalyptic narrative backdrop to relay themes of climate change, environmental responsibilities subversively through lateral thinking puzzles.

Aesthetics inspired by the steampunk culture, the game title '‘Bioshock’', and modern film classics such as '‘Soylent Green’', '‘Children of Men’' and Katsuhiro Otomo’s animated feature '‘Steamboy’'.

Project lead by Greg Young, joined by Rory Cartwright, Dominic English and Debbie Chiu.

interactive, virtual environments, 3D